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Star Wars Days 2013 at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort celebrated Star Wars day from Saturday 4th May right through to the Bank Holiday Monday. It was three days of Star Wars related fun, including costumed characters from the saga, building activities and of course Lightsaber training for budding Padawans. Read on for a picture-laden report on all of the goings-on and to find out who went to Boating School...

On entering the LEGOLAND Windor Resort at the Beginning, guests were greeted by the sound of music from Star Wars and a huge array of Star Wars characters. As always there were lots of Stormtroopers and a fair few Jedi. Of particular note for fans who have met the UK Garrison and other groups before, were Captain Rex and Commander Bacara. Characters were dotted around the park throughout the day, with plenty of opportunities for guests to meet their favourite Star Wars hero or villain.

Sandtroopers also patrolled a full sized Landspeeder in the Beginning, and guests could sit inside and feel just like Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.

A parade went through the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort at 3pm, when all of the various troops in attendance marched through the park with guests joining the back of the parade. Seeing that number of troops in succession is always a treat.

On the Miniland Lawn several activities were taking place. A Jedi Master held seven sessions of Lightsaber Lessons each day on stage, teaching Padawans – of course wearing Jedi Robes and using training sabers – the ways of the force.

At the same stage there was also the opportunity to meet a huge LEGO Stormtrooper and LEGO Darth Vader, who posed for photos with young (and a few older!) fans. A firm favourite with the youngsters was to hold their giant LEGO hands.

Away from the stage tents had been sent up full of LEGO bricks for guests to get stuck in and help build a giant LEGO mosaic. It didn't quite get completed on the Saturday but R2-D2 was the main star, with Yoda - and partially Boba Fett - also created.

The best dressed younglings were recognised with a fancy dress contest at the end of each day on the Miniland stage, with various categories depending on age.

Miniland itself couldn't escape the power of the force, as guests could track down how many times Jedi Master Yoda had managed to sneak himself into a scene. It turned out to be five in total, he certainly got some sight-seeing done. Those who found Yoda could enter a prize draw to win LEGO Star Wars products.
In the Star Wars Miniland Experience, a new gallery has been added featuring famous LEGO Star Wars mini-figures. The full line-up includes Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Wicket the Ewok and Captain Rex. These are nicely lit, although unfortunately the corridor leaving the attraction is a bit tight and it can be hard to spend much time admiring them.

In the Star Wars Shop visitors had the opportunity to be part of a giant Yoda build, constructing a six-foot tall model of the green one. Throughout the day more and more bricks were added until the Jedi Master was complete. Another building opportunity took place in the Discovery Zone where younglings could build a model from the Planets range.

Rounding things off, the Imagination Theatre showed The Padawan Menace and The Empire Strikes Out on the big screen with some added lighting effects. Most fans have probably seen these already, but it's fun to see them with an audience and on the big screen.

There was also spontaneous fun throughout the day, such as the troops of the Empire taking a ride on the train through LEGOLAND.


A decision to visit the Boating School first thing was a good one, assuming you enjoy seeing two Mandalorian Warriors in a queue. They bantered with the crowd and entertained the little ones, until it was time to board the ride – when they hopped into a boat...

...much to the dismay of their fellow Mandalorian on shore...

...but they still enjoyed a leisurely trip around the Boating School Lake.

Another busy, successful Star Wars weekend at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. The number of costumed characters ensured that it was an immersive experience, the spot-the-Yoda competition was fun and the LEGO Star Wars character meet-and-greets added something completely new. If the Star Wars event next year continues this standard it will definitely be worth a visit.

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