Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Celebration Europe II: Images From Celebration

Celebration Europe II came to a close on Sunday, and now there has been time to reflect on the hundreds of photos from the event. To kick off the Into the Garbage Chute coverage, here are a selection of images that give a snapshot of the event. Enjoy these fun moments from Celebration Europe II, that will either give a taste of what went on or provide a reminder of all the fun.

Imperial protecting the half scale TIE Bomber

Titan provided an exclusive Celebration Europe II cover for Star Wars Insider

The big announcement of the show came during Kathleen Kennedy's interview

Hasbro brought along an even larger scale Boba Fett

The work of talented fans was visible everywhere in the Fan Hall

Concept Artist Doug Chiang shared storied from his career

What better to carpet the front room with?

Messe Essen is set in a picturesque location

Mark Hamill captivated fans on the Celebration Stage

Look forward to plenty of in-depth coverage of the panels, displays and activities that took place during Celebration Europe II here at Into the Garbage Chute.

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