Saturday, August 25, 2012

Every generation has a legend... Every blog has an inaugural post...

Welcome to Into the Garbage Chute. This blog is going to be the home of opinion and commentary about all aspects of Star Wars – the movies, Lucasfilm and its companies, the brand, the TV series, the comics, the books, the video games, the collecting… any and all are up for discussion. To start things off, I shall explain a bit about my background and what this blog will aim to be. Think of this as the opening crawl, perhaps…

For the past two years I have been blogging about another passion of mine – LEGO. Over at All About Bricks, I have found a blog to be a great format to share thought out opinion or commentary on a topic – and readers seem to enjoy having something a bit thought out to take in. As my other big obsession is Star Wars, it seems like the right time to fire up the hyperdrive and share my many opinions on the greatest film series of all time.

The time when Star Wars completely captured me was seeing the films in the cinema in 1997, as unfortunately I wasn’t alive the first time around. Something about seeing them on the big screen was extra special, and that tipped me from being a fan to a FAN. I began collecting the Hasbro 4” line, later LEGO - and anything else that took my fancy. I also began reading the comics and novels. So when the prequel trilogy rolled around, I was stuck in. Following the launches of each film was great fun, and I made sure it was an immersive experience. This culminated in the finest day in my Star Wars fandom when I was fortunate enough to win tickets to the UK premiere of Revenge of the Sith, and had the fantastic experience of attending the premiere of the last ever Star Wars film (okay, ‘proper’ Star Wars film because then The Clone Wars was released!). 

It was around the end of 2004 when I started selling Star Wars toys online, and this lasted until the end of 2006. 2005 was an incredible year for Star Wars toys with the amazing success of Revenge of the Sith, and this experience gave me a great insight into the challenges that comes with selling the toys rather than just collecting them. Many of the frustrations that collectors have with getting their toys are shared with by the sellers, who are at the mercy of suppliers and bad case mixes from Hasbro. Seeing this from the dealer’s and collector’s point of view has helped inform me many times on toy matters.

In 2007 I began contributing to Jedi News, the excellent UK based Star Wars fansite. Each day Jedi News provides plentiful news bites and links to Star Wars fans around the world. I still contribute newsworthy snippets over at Jedi News from time to time. Prior to Jedi News I entered a few blogs at the old Star Wars Blogs website – these, along with event reports originally written for Jedi News will be archived here at Into the Garbage Chute.

So these years of Star Wars fandom have led me to be getting stuck in again. Star Wars is too exciting and means too much to me not to be involved in some way, and a weekly-or-so article here at Into the Garbage Chute is going to be my way of being involved. So come along and read some analysis, some trivia, a few opinions and then disagree with me in the Comments section. Let’s have no force choking just to make a point though…

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